Water & health conference

Location: Geneva and Annemasse


Pharmaceuticals in the urban water cycle: State of art and reduction strategies


Pharmaceuticals residues in water is a highly topical concern. However the issue is complex, and there is no simple and practical solution.

Current monitoring and research provide knowledge on fluxes, risks and methods to reduce pharmaceuticals in water.

Public policies stakeholders are wondering what leviers and territory's actors to mobilize.

A 2-day conference

  • Thursday 26th March, 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland : Risks and monitoring tools
    Reporting of main SIPIBEL and IRMISE projects results
  • Friday 27th March, 2015 in Ville-la-Grand (74 - France) : Issues and action strategies
    Issues and stakeholders, experience feedbacks and source tracking strategy



To point out pharmaceuticals issues in the urban part of the water cycle, i.e.:
- to characterise
urban and hospital discharge inputs
- to promote understanding of pollution issues and the associated risks

To provide answers to local and national development of public policies on:
- relevant
tools for monitoring
- defining action strategies mobilizing different measures, from source control to treatment in WWTP

The conference aims to provide an interdisciplinary view between water and health stakeholders, technicians and local representatives.