Action 4

Partners have installed an expert group to control and supervise the progress of work package 2. Within the expert group, partners jointly developed and set up a pilot research programme. Doing so, the partners have also incorporate results from other projects which might provide relevant input on technical developments and monitoring schemes. These project encompass the recently finalized Pills project (Interreg IVb) and the Pharmafilter project (LIFE+). Partners had also contact and consult the conditionally approved NoPills project. In this way it is acertained that the TAPES project have produced complimentary information rather than duplicating actions. 
The pilot research programme included a final selections of techniques which have been incorporated as well as a set up for the monitoring programme.

During the execution of work package 2 the expert group met on a regular basis (at least semi-annual) to discuss progress and outcomes of the monitoring scheme. The expert group came up with recommendations towards implementation of the individual pilots.